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Aruba’s Leading Hospitality Employer Expands Corporate Citizenship Investing in Employee Growth and Community Development


ORANJESTAD, Aruba (April 4, 2023) – Wind Creek Aruba, a preferred employer in the Aruban hospitality industry, recently announced the launch of their new GED ® Certification Program aimed at giving back to the community and geared toward employee growth and development. The company-wide initiative is designed to empower employees’ individual talents and invest in their personal growth to facilitate opportunities for career development and future employment.


The initiative is part of the company’s core value system and objective to create a positive impact on the community. Wind Creek Aruba recognizes the value of investing in their current and future team members by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional growth. In collaboration with the International School of Aruba, the program will help employees further their education and achieve their career goals, ultimately benefiting the team members, Wind Creek Aruba, and the local community.

“Wind Creek Aruba is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and investing in the development of our employees as part of a larger initiative to give back and strengthen the local community we are fortunate to operate within.” said Paul Gielen, General Manager at Wind Creek Aruba. “We believe that this program will not only benefit our team members but also our company, as it will enable us to retain and attract talented individuals who are committed to their personal and professional growth.”

Aruba’s leading resort and hospitality leader has committed to pay the full cost of obtaining a General Education Development (GED) degree starting with 30 eligible. To be eligible, applicants must pass an admissions exam, demonstrate that they are enthusiastically committed to the purpose, and live the value of Do It Right, Be the Best, Have Fun and be recognized by their superiors as a suitable candidate to receive the opportunity.


“I’ve been an employee of Wind Creek Aruba, working at the Crystal Casino for five years,” said Lydia Franken, Player Services Representative at Wind Creek Crystal Casino. “I was a young mom and at the age of 18 I needed to put my education aside to support my family. When the company announced the GED ® Certification Program I jumped at the opportunity and have recently passed the GED assessment exam. It is amazing what the company and its leadership are doing for us. Beyond the cost, they have accounted for our time as we work in shifts and have families to take care of when we’re not working. This program will allow me to take classes at work without sacrificing my salary and time away from my family. I’m very grateful to Wind Creek Aruba for this opportunity and eager to get started. It will be a proud moment for me and my family when I graduate with this degree!”

The GED program will take approximately six months to complete and will cover essential topics such as reading, writing, math, and social studies. By partnering with a reputable institution like the International School of Aruba, Wind Creek Aruba is proud to provide current and future employees with a high-quality education that will prepare them with essential skills and provide access to opportunities that may not have been available without further education.