Jairo Erasmus represents Aruba during LA Fashion Week

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(Oranjestad)—On March 25th in the Union Station in Los Angeles, California, the prestigious LA Fashion Week took place, where a big audience gathered to watch the designers’ new collections. Among these designers was Jairo Erasmus, a Puerto Rican based Aruban designer.

Jairo presented his new gala collection called “Alegria,” which had a big reception filled with applause from the audience. In the past, Jairo also presented at New York Fashion week.

His models included Aaliyah Cruz Ramos and Xiomara Martinez Yordan (Puerto Rico), Sydney Zheng, Joshua Salazar and Brandon Monsalvo (USA), and of course, Alexia Chin, Charlena Clarinda, Ashantee Martus and Tanique Chan (Aruba), who were all there along with parents, friends and family.

Hair and make-up was styled by renowned Puerto Rican stylist Juan Carlos Bou Cintron.

The night filled with excitement the moment Jairo was announced with his collection. Many from the public raised the Aruban flag. At the end of his show, he was joined by Tanique Chan, where they both walked hand-in-hand with the Aruban and Puerto Rican flag.