A weekly calendar with a selection of what’s going on in Aruba.

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Today’s Happening


Wednesday 24

Carnival Celebration

· Come and experience a vivacious night at Paseo Herencia with the celebration of Carnival 64. Carnival dancers, carnival shows and much more will get you in the mood

· Paseo Herencia Mall, Palm Beach

· 8 – 10 PM

· Facebook Paseo Herencia

Thursday 25

Dia di Betico

Today the island is in full celebration with activities all-over. Please check page 13 for a selection of activities. Our suggestion is to take your car and drive around the island, visiting Oranjestad, St. Cruz and San Nicolas. You will recognize the sites of festivities as many locals will wear clothing with the flag’s colors and of course music will be part of the celebration. Enjoy our Dia di Betico!

Friday 26

Lecture on Identity of Calypso

· The Calypso music and its heritage within Aruba and the Caribbean are the main topic during this presentation

· Scol di Arte, San Nicolas

· 6.45 – 10 PM

· Facebook Scol di Arte

Saturday 27

Golf Tournament Tierra del Sol

· This fun golf event will be Tierra del Sol’s “Sixes” format, consisting of

· 2 Man teams and format of play changing every 6 Holes

· Tierra del Sol resort & Golf, Noord

· Hour depends on booking

· Facebook Tierra del Sol Resort & Golf

Sunday 28

Luxury Bingo @ the Casino

· Try your luck and enjoy this special version of Bingo · The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

· 1 – 2 pm · Facebook The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba

Monday 29

Machika Soca Zumba Dance

· Youth and adults are welcome to join this special class of ‘Zumba’ and ‘Soca Freestyle’

· Centro di Bario Brazil, direction San Nicolas

· 6.30 – 7.30 PM

· Facebook Centro di Bario Brazil Aruba

Tuesday 30

Doodles n Drawings

· Local artist @jessa cadabra hosting the first experimental drawing session

· Itza Pizza, Oranjestad

· From 7 PM

· Facebook Itza Pizza