PCR test required for returning US travelers

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In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Government of the United States of America it is required that all returning travelers present a negative COVID-19 test result prior boarding. This will become effective as of January 26, 2021.

In the Aruban Government’s continuing efforts to provide the safest, seamless and coordinated travel experience possible, the Aruba Tourism Authority would like to inform you that all necessary facilities and procedures are in place for any visitor needing to take a PCR test while in Aruba as a requirement for re-entry to their country/state of origin.

Aruba has a modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art hospital and well-equipped medical facilities. Three (3) certified laboratories in Aruba will offer the PCR testing service to outbound travelers. The facilities have ample test kits available and testing is priced between $75 and $126. Visitors will find appointments easy to book and the turnaround time for test results is within 24 hours. Between the facilities, visitors will have the option to make an appointment, walk in, or have the test done at their place of stay.

It is also very important to remark that the Aruba Visitors Insurance will cover all costs related to a positive Covid-19 results based on this requirement such as quarantine, isolation and transportation. Cost. The insurance however does not cover the test upon this new requirement.

These are the 3 certified labs where you can conduct your test:

  • MedLab: lab.aw – (+297) 586-1600 – Cell/Whatsapp (+297) 597-5544 – info@lab.aw

1. Testing is available at visitors accommodation (hotel/ home). Appointment recommended for this service. This service will be free of charge if booked online in advance on www.covidaruba.com. An extra fee will be applied if the appointment is made on the same day

2. Walk-in service accepted at our physical location – No appointment necessary

Price for the test is $126. Conduct the test before 11am for same day results.

  • MedCare Clinic: medcare.aw – (+297) 280-0630 – Whatsapp (+297) 562-4440 – info@medcare.aw
  • Horacio Oduber Hospital: (US$ 75) https://www.arubahospital.com/ – servicecenter@hoharuba.com – (+297) 597-4522 (Call or WhatsApp)

For more information go to www.aruba.com and click under the health requirements section.