Weather forecast Valid until Tuesday, January 23 2024, 18:00 hours

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This evening: partly cloudy and generally dry

During the overnight, early morning and tomorrow: Partly cloudy with a possible passing shower

Maximum temperature 32 centigrades

Minimum temperature 26 centigrades

Heat index during and around the afternoon hours: 33 to 38 degrees Celsius

UV index: 8

Sunset : 6:36 pm

Sunrise: 7:06 am.

From generally east directions and moderate to fresh;
Force 4 to 5 (20 to 39 km/hr, 11 to 21 knots).

During daytime strong to near gale force to possibly gale force in gusts;

Force 6 to 8 (40 to 64 km/hr, 22 to 35 knots).

Synopsis for the next 24 hours:

The pressure gradient in the Caribbean is still strong and will support a moderate to strong breeze, reaching at times near gale force to possibly gale force in gusts, for most of the week. Otherwise, the atmosphere is relatively dry and will inhibit the development of most of the rain producing clouds. Apart from a passing shower during the morning generally dry weather conditions will prevail.

Marine conditions/ state of the sea:

On the protected sites: smooth: around 1 foot.

On the south sections: moderate at 3 to 4 feet.

On the east to northwest coastlines: Generally moderate to locally quite rough at 6 to 7, locally 8 feet.

Warnings/ advisories:

A small craft advisory remains in effect for the east to northwest coastal sections and open seas until further notice. Sea bathers and users of the marine facilities must take this into account.

Rainfall potential for the next 24 hours:

Less than 1 mm; this can be locally different.