Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan foundation organizing fundraising Walk & Run

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Gilbert Wernet, representative for Gianni’s Group, during a press conference this week explained that they are organizing their first Walk & Run to raise funds for the Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan foundation – Let’s Join Hands to Feed Our Children.

Wernet explained that all proceeds of the sale of tickets for the Walk & Run will be donated 100% to the foundation. The foundation provides breakfast to school children in need. Wernet said that currently, there are around 816 children in Aruba that receive their breakfast from them every day.

“This is a pretty high amount, and this means that it is difficult to find the funds to support this”, he said.

This is the reason why the Giannis Group sat together with John Fun, who is the president of the Ban Uni Man pa Cria Nos Muchanan foundation, and presented the idea of the Walk & Run. This will take place on the 13th of December, starting at the parking lot by Costa Linda hotel in Eagle Beach, going to the Divi Phoenix, and then back to the start. The Walk & Run will begin at 5pm.

The entire Aruban community as well as our beloved visitors, family, friends and colleagues are invited to participate in this noble cause.

To participate, tickets can be obtained for adults or for children 6 to 12 years old. An adult ticket pays for a child’s breakfast for two weeks, and a children ticket covers one week’s breakfast. Tickets can be obtained at Gianni’s Group, Amore Mio, Garden Fresh, Citgo Boulevard, Citgo Essoville, Superfood, Botica Aloe and Botica Santa Cruz.

Wernet said that they will also have some Door Prizes where the participants in the Walk & Run can win a weekend stay, dinner for two, and other prizes.

John Fun, president of the foundation, indicated that his foundation provides breakfast daily to children in need, at their school, which currently they are helping 816 children.

A few months ago, they came out publicly because when the school year started, they began utilizing their reserves and realized that they will not have enough funds to cover the needs of the children this year. For this reason they sent a letter to schools to request to reduce the group of children who receive free breakfasts. However, as soon as their plight became public, the community came into action and approached them with help, and among them, Gianni’s Group organized the Walk & Run with all proceeds going to the foundation.

“Naturally we are very thankful, because this is going to help the children directly. We want to stimulate the community to join us, because aside from it being something to help the community, it is also an activity to do with your family, walk 5k which is good for your health, and afterwards there are going to be different activities to have fun”, Fun expressed.


Aruba Bank will also have a stand available for those who are interested in making a donation.

Fun commented that the foundation began in 2001, which means that they have been operating for 21 years and it always went well. He also said that back when they began, they sent a letter to all workers of the hospital asking if they wanted to help a child, with a donation od 25 florins per month. Back then more than 100 workers accepted to give a hand to help feed the children, and slowly, local companies and clubs began also donating funds.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation had 635 children registered for help, but after the pandemic the amount increased to 816, creating financial problems for the foundation. He said that each child has an average cost of 600 florins per year. “We are now feeling the crunch, but thankfully companies like Gianni’s help us continue so we can reach the end of the school year helping the children”, Fun said.

“I am glad that the foundation can do something good for our community and especially for our children”, Fun said.

He also said that in their own way they contribute to the wellbeing of underprivileged children, and that it is true that a child who ate breakfast before school learns better.

For more information, please call (+297) 588 2599.