University of Aruba and Utrecht School for Administration and Organization collaborate on research project in Aruba

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On the 15th of December, students of the University of Aruba and the Utrecht School for Administration and Organization presented the results of their investigation on good governance done in Aruba.


The research project was collaboration between the Utrecht School for Administration and Organization and the University of Aruba and was organized by the Dutch students. During the months of November and December, groups of students carried out research on successful governance practices in Aruba, namely positive aspects of governance in Aruba. In the last two months they carried out interviews and observations in different sectors of public service. They analyzed what were the aspects that help different organizations be successful in order to define the success factors and what can be learned from this for the future.

The goal of the investigation was to learn about the public service sector in Aruba and promote academic collaboration between the universities. The topic of research was chosen to empower and contribute to the community of Aruba. The collaboration offered the unique opportunity for students to develop and apply their knowledge and abilities to carry out research in a multicultural environment.

To conclude the research project, the students presented their results at the University of Aruba on the 15th of December. There were 10 groups in total who presented their results, where the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, dr. Mieke de Droog together with the rector of the University of Aruba, dr. Viola Heutger opened the symposium. The students presented their results, where those present, including organizations who took part in the research, asked questions and exchanged opinions. The symposium was successful, with representatives from different organizations appreciating and applauding the work done by the students.

Finally, the students thanked the organizations that made this research possible: Stichting voor Verstandelijk Gehandicapten Aruba , Famia Planea Aruba, Formacion Social, Horacio Oduber Hospital Aruba, Aruba National Park Foundation, Scubble Bubbels Foundation, Censo Aruba, Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba Today and CEDE Aruba. A special thanks goes out to the team of the University of Aruba, Mieke de Droog, Nurianne Arias, Luc Alofs, Thaïs Franken and from the University of Utrecht, Professor Wieger Bakker and Drs. Nienke Kuitenbrouwer.