Landfill Parkietenbos closes

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On December 31, 2022, is the last day that the Parkietenbos Landfill is officially open to the public.

The majority of the population will not notice a change, since the company that collects waste remains the same and will collect the waste on the same day at the same time. The goal is eventually for everyone to separate their waste at home or company.

For gardeners, contractors or those who take their own residential waste to the landfill there will be various new waste processing locations, based on the kind of waste.

In the blueprint of the Ministry of Nature, you will find detailed information on the confirmed companies and what type of waste they accept.

It is essential to understand, that while the infrastructure of a circular economy, for recycling etc, is still not fully in place, there are enough basic solutions to close the Parkietenbos landfill. The dump site will be rehabilitated into park for solar energy .

There will be more options in the near future to take plastic, glass and other types of waste for recycling.

Moving from an open dump site to a sanitary landfill, where waste that are not reusable or recyclable is compacted and packed, is a considerable step for Aruba’s environment.