Tuscany Residence Aruba: Standing Out with 100 % European Materials & Standards

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“Quality convinces”, says Bas de Groot, Managing Director of Tuscany Residence Aruba. “We differ from traditional building, come on over and see for yourself.” At an A-location, designed in an European style with high-quality materials, on property land and with buying possibilities from condos to townhouses to villas, Tuscany Residence is your dream come true. And the safest investment.

Within 2.000 feet of the Palm Beach area, which is the place to be in the island, and a 15-minute drive to Oranjestad, we find Tuscany Residence. The residence (total project contains +/- 180 units) offers 8 luxurious Townhouses in beautiful Dutch design up to 2.098ft Property land and a total 1.582ft living space. 36 Condos located in three buildings are a wonderful vacation escape or a great investment, it is up to you. What about 8 amazing 2-Layer & 3-Layer Villas with 50m2 pool, stunning Dutch architecture and allure? The landscaping in front of the houses is taken care of, keeping the value of the project intact. There is 24-hours security by camera’s and a night guard.

Quality Lays Beneath
Tuscany Residence Aruba chose for European quality products to provide owners with the best durable purchase and low maintenance costs.

“Windows and doors are from Mexim, originally a Belgium product, the concrete comes from The Netherlands, the bathrooms are delivered by Banjolux and the kitchen provided by Eurokitchen. All these suppliers are known for their high quality service and products and have their representative companies on the island too. We go 100 % for European standards meaning you will have a guarantee of a long-term relationship that is durable, eco-friendly and trustworthy,” Bas explains.

It is not only what the eye meets when you consider an important purchase like real estate, it is essential to know what lays beneath. “And very important to mention that this is property land, one of the last opportunities to achieve that in this area. Even better within a residence that keeps your value up, you never know what your surroundings will be like when purchasing outside of a residence.”

Unique Details
The design of the residences town houses, condos and villas is modern but warm with exceptional details like the stick-out window panes.

“These provide shadow on the windows, preventing the strong heat of the sun coming in while maintaining the light flow.” Lots of windows and sliding doors make the light come in and because of the use of poured concrete walls the isolation is at its best. “Everyone is welcome to see the materials and construction themselves, we can show everything here at our location. You may even pick your land.” October 1st will be the delivery of the townhouses and community pool. In November four more town houses will be ready and the first villas are already in construction, aimed to be accomplished in March 2020.

From the eight town houses six have already been sold, the condominiums go very well too and the villas are in demand, says Bas. “Prices will go up in the future, so now is the time to buy while we still have our pre construction prices running.”

Are you looking for a safe, quiet, residential area where you will meet a mix of local and foreign owners? Do you feel for a warm community with amenities like wellness, gym, restaurants, pools and this all within a structure where the residence takes care of your property management while you are not here? Can the highest European quality and solid working structure take away your preoccupations while you are home? Than meet us, we are here to convince you with quality!

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