Urgent care Aruba contributes to medical tourism by offering preventive health packages

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Since the start of the pandemic, people have become more aware of the importance and contribution of the healthcare sector.

People have also become more aware of their overall health. Urgent Care Aruba, under the guidance of Yagua Health Group, offers preventive health packages as a yearly program to patients to keep their health in check.

We provide regular urgent care services but we have since expanded our services to become an added value in the health care system on the island to locals, island visitors, and the region.

These preventive health packages are easily accessible and available throughout the year. For an appointment contact (+297)586-0448, WhatsApp (+297) 597-5549, info@urgentcare.aw, or visit our website www.urgentcare.aw for more information. Bring local I.D. for local rates.