The Kitchen Table enters seventh year of gastronomy with raving reviews: “The devil is in the details; we are in praise.”

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While in Aruba do yourself a favor and experience a night at The Kitchen Table. This is an elegant, classy, intimate, high-quality restaurant with an exceptional dining set-up. Dining here is an experience, a kind of sitting- at your- best- friend’s or family’s kitchen table where you feel and taste that the food contains love. The extra mile the owners and staff go has everything to do with running this lovely restaurant in a sincere, authentic way. In Spanish they say: ‘Mi casa es tu casa’ meaning my house is your house and that describes exactly what you will feel during a night at The Kitchen Table.

The 8-course ecstatic food trip starts with a warm welcome and sparkling wine at the patio of The Kitchen Table’s new location at Paradise Beach Villas as of 6.00PM. The chef’s table concept is happening on the second floor of the owners ‘restaurant Asi Es Mi Peru, another highly recommended establishment. But we are here now to guide you through the concept of The Kitchen Table, so let’s go.

Taking you upstairs is literally taking you into an ambiance of warmth, coziness, classic elegance, and intimacy. You are treated like queen and king while sitting in noble chairs at a huge table. Owners Roxanna Salinas and Jan van Nes are warm and welcoming hosts and Chef David Lizano and Sous-Chef Xalsky Schwengle enthusiastically share their deep knowledge of the beautiful dishes that will be presented to you. Get ready to dive into the tastebuds tickling journey to the Caribbean, Peruvian and international cuisine. To pair the perfect wines three sommeliers were invited to make the selection.

Table full foodies

The restaurant just got its new menu out, so this is the time to reserve your spot at the table. A Caribbean Peruvian Snack Trio is the enchanting first appetizer existing of a Chicken Empanada, Crab & Shrimp Eggroll and a Cucumber & Tuna Nikkei. This is paired with a delicate Ruffino Ovieto (Italy), just perfect. Taking us to the next round we are presented a Mahi Mahi Tartare, delicious and combined with the Spanish Santiago Ruiz Albarino, we are in heaven. What follows is a personal favorite, the Beef Tataki with Quinoa accompanied by La Fage, Miraflores Rose wine from France. This is an amazing dish. In between the courses the owner and chef explain about the ingredients, preparation, and origins of the dishes in turns, it is truly an interesting and exciting presentation. The Peruvian Red Snapper Casserole is a surprising, wonderful tasting and in complete balance with the USA Cline Viognier from Sonoma Coast. My American-Ecuadorian neighbor was thrilled with this dish and who would be a better judge than she, after all she is from the region. The guests are clearly having a good time and we are in awe so far. The Kitchen Table builds this evening in an upward trend, and we proceed with Scallops and Shrimps within a Risotto of green Peas Puree with a foam of Coconut Milk Sauce. A mouth-melting experience and added to the culinary joy is a USA wine from Yolo County, Phantom Chardonnay. From the Caribbean, Peru we travel to Argentina presented to us with a Veal in her Jus and paired with a beautiful Lunta Malbec. There is no great dinner without a sweet goodbye and The Kitchen Table makes sure that you will not forget them by signing off with a fantastic dessert: Mango popsicle and a Three-layered Cheesecake together with a Portuguese Osborne Port. We asked a couple from New York how they liked the experience: “The devil is in the details; every tiny part here is balanced, and savors are matched in an unmatched way. We are in praise.”

The secret formula

The Peruvian-born Roxanna Salinas and her husband Jan van Nes are the secret formula behind The Kitchen Table’s success. You can tell making the customers happy is their main priority. The couple takes a personal approach to what they do, this is not about running a business as usual. This is more about making you feel welcomed home, as well as being pampered. They bring top hospitality, experience and authenticity to the table. Within this gourmet dinner concept the two blended the Peruvian culinary art of Roxanna’s top kitchen team and Jan’s expertise from The Kitchen Table. The result is one big trip of delight, indulge and tickling of your taste buds. The Kitchen Table welcomes you with open arms every Tuesday to Saturday. An evening at The Kitchen Table will be noted as unforgettable in your book of vacation memories, as it stands out from the regular island dinners.

The Kitchen Table is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Have a peak on their website or call them at +297-280 7117.