Chef’s table concept with open-view kitchen: And the joy never ends ….. Infini

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When the French talk about ‘à l’infini’ they actually mean they could go on forever and that is exactly what you wish for when dining at the newest culinary heaven on Aruba: Restaurant Infini, located at Blue Residence on Eagle Beach. The chef, Irvin Croes, with great talent and a big heart, and his excellent team will take you on a journey that is beyond fine dining. I’d call it culinary art_ near perfection.

L’ambiance & L’entourage

The interior of this new place fits perfectly with its level of haute cuisine. What else would you expect when a Michelin-trained (Grand Hotel Karel V) chef like Croes leads you through a world of flavors? Gold-colored cutlery, beautiful glasses and plates, low dinner lights give a `le chic’ to the place. The ore-colored hues and earth tones with the added attention of Croes’ team and you feel elegance and importance in this milieu.

Le Menu

chooses the world to perform his culinary magic.

As the winner of the island’s first Iron Chef Competition Chef Croes loves the essence of tastes and excels in combining ingredients that come from all over the world while preserving what makes Croes so unique: his own style. Think of Sardinian Pecorino, Jerusalem artichoke, Vietnamese Star Anise and Lebanese honey spice up dishes that amazingly keep the defined flavors intact. The tuna is marinated in Lebanese honey, served with yuzu dashi, kimchi juice, soy and seaweed gel, honeydew melon chutney, potato chips, and a seaweed merengue. Words fail to describe the explosion in your mouth. One more to share: caramelized banana with miso, black sesame and cilantro. Italian pecorino cheese with dark truffle veins, paired with Madagascar pink peppercorns, and poached pear. Let us not kill the surprise by revealing the 8-ourse chef’s menu because you really need to live this experience for yourself. You are able to delight the palate and experience the gastronomy of different cultures and worldly flavors.

Le vin

The Grand Dame menu needs to be accompanied by the ultimate gentleman’s beverages, wine pairing must be impeccable here and so it is. You are welcomed with a champagne from Phillipe Gonet, the aperitif is the mouthwatering ‘Salinity,’ signature cocktail with Beefeater Gin and G-Jay Sake. We have a divine Weignut Huber Gruner Veltliner from Austria, Criss Cross Old Vin Zinfandel from the USA or choose a New Orleans beer to go with the duck. The Charles krug Cabernet Sauvignon is fantastic coupled with the Beef Short Ribs and finally we sweet away with an Australian Moscato from Deakin Estate.

The epicurean world is at your feet. Bon apetit.

Dying to dive into this eight-course dining experience? Visit the Infini website: or call +297-699-1911. The menu is seasonal. Chef Croes also manages another venue at Azure Beach Residence called Po-Ké Ono, a fast-casual modern Asian cuisine concept featuring poke bowls, sushi, and steamed bao. For more information: