The Department of Public Health makes an URGENT appeal to persons between the age of 12 and 45 years to vaccinate

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The Department of Public Health (DVG) of Aruba keeps emphasizing the importance to vaccinate.

In Aruba, we can see how effective the vaccine is. An average of 67.5% of the population of 12 years and older in Aruba are vaccinated. However, it is still the unvaccinated minority testing positive and requiring extra medical care. The DVG works and makes its policy based on data and analysis. Based on this data the DVG continues to promote vaccination as the best form of prevention. Of the age group between 45 to 80 years, 70% are vaccinated, which is positive. However, the desired rate is above 85%. DVG also noticed that the age groups 12 to 44 years and 80 years and older with a vaccination rate under 70% are still vulnerable. The Pfizer vaccine currently being administered in Aruba is effective. According to the data of August 9, 2021, of a total of 803 positive cases, only 6 (18%) of the hospitalized patients are vaccinated, and none are in the ICU. The majority are recovering at home without the need for extra medical care. Therefore, the DVG emphasizes the importance of the COVID vaccine and urges the community, especially the age group between 12 and 45 years and those that did not get their vaccine yet, to vaccinate as soon as possible. Make your appointment preferably via or via Aruba Health App, or call 5224200- 2800101- 5224211- 5224210- 5224214.