Collaboration of the organizations leads to success during this pandemic; Aruba Tourism Authority pays a visit to the Covid test center at the airport

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The Aruba Tourism Authority paid a visit to the airport in order to see and experience the whole procedure of the work being done by the Department of Public Health and the Hospital of Aruba, six months after the reopening of our borders. They were interested to see what has changed since then and also to get a feedback of the team.

As you already know, all our visitors, residents and non-residents, are required to fill in the ED card online prior to arrival. Non-residents are also required to buy the visitors insurance and must present their negative result of the Covid-19 test 72 hours before their travelling time. Visitors also have the option of doing the test upon arrival at the airport. There is a procedure the visitor has to go thru to be able to do this and it is of utmost importance to make this process as pleasant and comfortable as possible upon their arrival.

Guidance at arrival

As soon as the airplane lands a team is standing by to welcome and guide the visitor. The team at the immigration area also conducts a general checkup and afterward the visitor can pick up their luggage. Afterward they will be guided to a special section where all their personal data will be verified. If they have their negative result with them, they can continue the line down to customs. Those who have to be tested are taken by the concerned personal of the Health department to take the test and afterward they will be guided to the arrival area where they will have to get to their destination and go into quarantine awaiting their test result. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, but off course depending on the day and current situation at the airport.

Airport Process

This process at the airport together with all other procedures at the airport and all other departments such as customs and immigration are of utmost importance in order to insure everyone’s wellbeing and safety. Different organizations have been working together since the reopening of the borders to help manage the Covid-19 situation by implementing different rules and protocols.

A.T.A’s visit at the airport

The visit of the Aruba Tourism Authority was to have a view on the daily work being executed by the Health Department on how the protocols are followed and what changes had been done after learning from this daily practice. A.T.A. was very satisfied on how the process is being handled and how everyone around is giving their utmost to ensure a successful reopening. Besides this, A.T.A received many compliments of our visitors stating their satisfaction on how everything is being greatly managed and how it’s contributing to the actual development and progress of our tourism.

Aruba Tourism Authority would like to thank the entire team of the Department of Public Health working tirelessly at the airport and behind curtains that made the testing facility a complete success. Also a big thank you to Hyatt which send 3 personal to assist the team mid 2020.