The 4th grade of La Salle College visits the Prime Minister in connection with classes about the constitution

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Recently, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever-Croes, and the Minister of Education, Endy Croes, welcomed pupils of the 9th grade of La Salle College.

The pupils are learning about Aruba’s government structure. Therefore, they had a field trip to the Parliament of Aruba, followed by a visit to the Government of Aruba.

The Prime Minister explained the daily duties of a Minister and their responsibilities, the task of the Council of Ministers, and the highest-ranking entity responsible for decision-making in the Government.

The pupils had many questions but particularly about education and sports. The Prime Minister explained to the pupils that the Government is working on creating equal opportunities. However, Aruba remains a small island but works with Curacao and Bonaire to find more opportunities for our youth.

The Prime Minister thanked La Salle College for their interest and believes it is essential to instill democratic values in our children. Based on the questions asked, the students show they are well-informed, motivated, and passionate about these subjects, which brings hope for the future.