The 13th Dutch-Antillean-South American (DAS) Clinic of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine held in Aruba

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Recently Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH) hosted the 13th Dutch-Antillean-South American (DAS) Clinic of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine in Aruba. This is the first time that the program had a duration of 3 days fully packed with speakers and important information which was relevant to the participants. This symposium started first in Surname and afterwards they held it in Aruba and Curacao as well. This is an annual event for all the family doctors, specialists, practice nurses, specialist nurses in order to maintain themselves up to date. By attending this clinic they will also receive their accreditation.

During this year DAS Clinic they had different speakers with a wide variety of topics; they had speakers from Corsou, Sint Maarten, Surinam including local speakers from Aruba.

Each day had a different focus like Nervous and Muscle Breakdown, Rheumatologic, as well as Kidney disease, high pressure and much more. On the third day they focused on geriatric abnormalities.

Specialists of HOH, Dr. Waterloo, Dr. Rodenburg y Dr. Rellum together with specialists Reumatologo van Vugt of Amsterdam UMC Holland took care of the organization of the event. Participants that couldn’t attend in person had the option to participate virtually.

According to Dr. Waterloo who was part of the team of DAS Clinic, the registration was a full success as they had to close the registration as is was fully SOLD OUT.