Sustainability in common: Aruba also observed United Nations SDG Flag Day

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Between 19 and 26 of September, countries around the world are observing the United Nations SDG week. During this time, we reflect on the sustainable development goals the world aspires to reach.

Yesterday, Friday 23 of September the United Nations SDG Flag Raising Day was observed, for which around the world, the SDG flag was raised. It is a day of world unity when it was proved that sustainable development is more than a dream, it is a concrete execution plan to leave a better country and a better world behind for the next generations.

Minister Geoffrey Wever, as a minister of Sustainable Development gave a short speech in which he highlighted the commitment of Aruba to achieve the common sustainability goals.

Recently Aruba had the opportunity to present at the Voluntary National Review of the United Nations the advances that Aruba is making to implement SDGs, which is extremely positive.

“As minister of Sustainable Development, I firmly believe that each country must organize itself to achieve the ambitious SDGs, and that out-of-the-box thinking, innovation and partnerchips are crucial in this process”, minister Wever said during his closing remarks.