Starting 8th of july: Aruba stops mandatory Covid-19 insurance for visitors

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In July 2020, Aruba opened its borders once again to visitors from the United States and started the Aruba Visitors Insurance. This was an innovation in the middle of the pandemic, which was later followed by other destinations. This insurance was mandatory for all visitors and this way, it was made sure that every case in which a tourist tested positive during their stay could count with, among other things, coverage for accommodation for isolation, transportation, Covid test, doctor’s cost, hospital and ICU.

For a few months already there was contact with insurance companies, indicating that this insurance would be maintained for as long as CDC has the requirement for a mandatory test before entering the United States. Recently, CDC announced that the requirement for test has ended, and on that moment, Aruba Tourism Authority presented a request on the platform of National Crisis to stop the mandatory insurance of $15 for every tourist.

Starting 8th July 2022, the mandatory insurance will be eliminated. Every person who bought their insurance before the 8th of July will remain insured until their departure. Must note that this insurance is non-refundable for those who have already purchased it for an arrival before the 8th of July.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional travel insurance was not covering Covid-19. Meanwhile this has changed, and A.T.A. keeps advising all visitors to come to Aruba with a travel insurance and for this to be an insurance that also covers Covid.

It is important to mention that the online ED card will remain mandatory before visiting Aruba.