Spotter’s Day Expo by Jean-Pierre Maduro

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By Kenna Hernandez

ORANJESTAD – Reina Beatrix International Airport organized an event ‘Spotter’s Day’ where 10 photographers were chosen to show their photos that were taken at the airside. Yesterday the expo opened with the winning pictures. The winner is Jean-Pierre Maduro who won the prize, an exposition of his ten preferred photos of airplanes on the wall where millions of travelers can admire and see the local art.

Hendrik Croes, PR & Communications Officer of Aruba Airport Authority, explained about how the project started last year for the people that wanted to participate. They posted the event on social media. “In our concept, we are one of the first in the Caribbean region where a photographer is allowed to take photos of an airplane in the airside area.”

It is not normal that people can enter and take pictures, therefore we created the Spotter Day so spotters can have the freedom. The event took place 11th of August 2018. Different units worked together to make this event possible. More than 40 applicants participated, but only ten were selected for this expo competition.

Before they could enter the airside property, they had to undergo a safety program. After this training the 10 photographers with a team were allowed to enter the airside. “After the Spotter Day each one of these photographers needed to submit their 10 best photos and all of these were posted on social media in order for people to vote”, Croes explained. After counting the votes, result for the best spotter picture is Jean-Pierre Maduro, rewarded with a prize of an exposition at the airport. Maduro was asked to choose his ten best pictures.

CEO James Fazio said that when the airport team pitched the idea he simply loved it. “We have talented people that captured amazing pictures of the airplanes, I congratulate Mr. Maduro for his excellent job and all the people that voted.” He adds that the airport is constantly busy and these pictures capture the energy at our airport. “We have millions of people that travel and they will get to see these pictures on the wall, showing off our local talent.”

Maduro said that his desire has always been to be displayed at the airport. “When Hendrik organize this event, I realized it is something that I have been waiting for a long time. The day it happened, it was special to me. My inspiration is aviation, since I was a kid my mom took me to travel around so flying and photography is what I love to do”, he explains.

He considers himself a creative person when it comes to take pictures, trying to bring photos that normally people do not see about airplanes ‘I want to bring that to Aruba’. Nowadays he barely sees people doing aviation photography in the Caribbean and that is exactly one of the reasons he chose this. He says that he was so happy being the whole day in the airport without any worries to eat or anything. His goal was to lay on the floor or doing whatever needed to be done ‘to capture the perfect shot because that is what I love’. q

Spotter’s Day 2019 will be held on August 10, 2019, and this time around both local and international plane spotters are invited to sign up for this unique opportunity. Follow Queen Beatrix International Airport on facebook, twitter and Instagram to receive more information and details on how to sign up for Spotter’s Day 2019.