Recycling Sculpture Competition held at the Hilton

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

In honor of the Earth Day in April, a Recycling Sculpture Competition took place at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, just recently.

The annual creative initiative included an original and refreshing twist, with the focus on animal sculptures of considerable size, all made with 100% recycled materials.

Five departments announced their participation. A panel of judges enjoyed a walk through to evaluate the work based on originality, innovation, variety of materials, presentation and the degree of difficulty.

The Laguna Food & Beverage team members welcomed the judges at the coy pond where a larger-than-life Shoco Owl, nicknamed Pablo, was entered in competition, its feathers made from slices of cork, with an aluminum beak and round crushed cans for eyes. The work was detailed and well-finished and the team’s enthusiasm, contagious.

The Human Resources department devoted its presentation to bees, creating an over-sized Queen Bee from yellow and black paper-mâché with paper, wooden coffee stirrers and bits of electric cord for legs, and wings. The presentation included educational and informative materials, about the life of bees and their importance in our existence.

The Security department opted to create a Shoco Owl with paper wings and bandage-wraps for legs, their presentation was all about the benefits of recycling and the importance of reducing waste.

eforea Spa recreated its butterfly logo from old flyers, empty cream containers, wooden cutlery, cord and electric wire. The work was nicely finished with great attention to detail, and the presentation eloquent and accurate.

The Pool & Beach team members appropriately created a blue-green turtle, staging it on a sandy backdrop. They used recycled cups, bottle caps, and sliced cork to create the shell, with a correctly proportioned head and tail. They informed the judges about the efforts to save the turtle population in the Caribbean.

The judges enjoyed scoring the work as each department came up with original styles, techniques and materials, dedicating considerable time to the execution of their plans.

A special commendation goes to the winning Laguna Restaurant team, whose collaboration was filled with enthusiasm reflective of a motivated and dedicated team.

The sculptures were on exhibit in the Lobby, for guest and team members, to recognize and showcase all the efforts of the teams.