Hilton’s Blue Energy Committee sponsored the 2019 Meal Packaging Event

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Fundacion pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) which is Aruba’s official Food Bank, held it second Meal Packing Event which took place at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. The space was filled with tables and teams of volunteers empowered to become heroes of the community.

The project titled “Connect to Impact” had as goal to prepare 50.000 meal packages in one day. These 50.000 meals will be distributed during the coming year to families in need that are registered at the foundation. Each package feeds up to 4 people. This year, the foundation added different types of products such as; Spanish rice, mac &cheese, oatmeal, rice and beans and a few more.

“This packaging project is very important. It contributes to the fight to end hunger on our island and at the same time promotes the foundations goal of offering healthy and nutritious food to local families in need.”says director Ginaika van der Biezen.

This year’s community event was attended by teams of various local companies. In order to participate the companies had to buy a table at the event, form a group of 10 members and donate a sum of 1500 florins to the foundation. In exchange the groups received all products and materials necessary. FPNC divided the work into 4 hours shifts of 4 hours each. Their goal was reached: 50.000 boxes packed and ready to be distributed throughout the year.

FPNC is the official Food Bank of Aruba. Their goal is to prevent and fight hunger, social exclusion and promote care and wellbeing to the persons in need on our island. The food bank has been helping families in need since 2009. They are rely on donations made by individuals and organizations.

The Blue Energy Committee of the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort &Casino, which assists with different social activities felt that the FPNC foundation mission complies with the company’s philosophy of more than 100-years of giving back to the community to insure sustainable growth for everyone.q