Project presentation; Baby Beach y Rodgers Beach

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The Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, gave a presentation to the stakeholders, including the San Nicolas Business Association, about their plans for the second phase of the Baby Beach project and the Rodgers Beach project, namely the Seroe Colorado Masterplan.

These projects will enhance the entire area surrounding these two frequently visited beaches while maintaining the nature in the area. It will make the enhancement project a sustainable project well within the limits of the ROPV law. The Aruba Tourism Authority, Tourism Product Enhancement Fund, and the Government will finance this master plan.

The first phase of the Baby Beach project was completed last year, and the second phase will start next. Phase 2 of the Baby Beach projects will finalize this year. The public tender of this project will take place soon. In phase 2, they will move the turtle wall further away from the water, making the beach wider with white sand.

Another project that will be ready in May is the reconstruction of the staircase leading to the Rodgers Beach.

The Rodgers Beach will have a completely new parking area, similar to the one near the Baby Beach. These areas will get new facilities where the beachgoers can buy food and beverages and public restrooms. There will also be new facilities to practice beach sports such as beach tennis and beach volleyball.

The Minister installed a tourism infrastructure project commission led by the Ministry of Tourism. This commission will work closely with the DIP and DOW to implement the beach policy. This sustainable development for the area includes new palm trees for shade and will only have limited palapa construction.