Project “Aruba Happy One Pass” (AHOP) is in its final phase

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Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber’s goal and vision is to continue innovating and using modern technologies to facilitate services and processes for travelers visiting Aruba.

The travel industry worldwide is being transformed to ease travel processes through the implementation of technology. Aruba is keeping pace and today is set to have a system of “facial recognition” and Digital Travel Credentials to verify passenger identities upon entry and exit, which will provide a unique and swift service for our visitors. Aruba can be proud to be the first in the Caribbean to start a digital platform, and together with our partners; SITA, Indicio, Aruba Immigration, and the Aruba Tourism Authority, we are the first to be able to use the AHOP system here in Aruba by the end of 2024.

Aruba began this project in 2022. On November 5, 2023, a pilot program was launched demonstrating how travelers can present their information via a Facial Recognition system and Digital Travel Credentials (DTC). Information is stored on the traveler’s mobile phone, and the traveler will give consent to share their information with Aruba’s immigration, without any data retention in any third-party database. Upon arrival in Aruba, the immigration system will use biometric control to complete the border control process. This way, travelers can go through a rapid process via an “E-Gate Machine” which verifies all credentials in accordance with immigration requirements.

This project has been recognized as the first in the world, according to Aruba’s first video documentation. To date, more than 500 travelers have requested to participate in the pilot program. Aruba is on the path to implementing AHOP for entry and exit from our island by the end of 2024.

Aruba calls on Curacao to show interest in a similar travel credential project as it aligns with the evolving direction of the travel industry. However, Aruba emphasizes the importance of having a systematic method that works together within the islands. Aruba hopes to maintain its leadership in this area and thanks all travelers who have participated in the project and had the opportunity to experience the convenience of travel that Aruba offers.

Minister Dangui Oduber is surely proud that the “Aruba Happy One Pass” project is becoming a reality. Once again, Aruba will be a “trendsetter” and leader in innovation in the Caribbean. Travelers to Queen Beatrix Airport will soon be able to use advanced technology that will position Aruba as a pioneer in innovation, marking progress for the entire tourism and hospitality industry.