Aruba is getting ready for 5th annual Barista Championship Experience

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There is a lot of work that goes into preparing a perfect Starbucks beverage and Starbucks baristas know this very well. Whether it be an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino or a Flat White all beverages are handcrafted by baristas that pour their passion and pride to showcase their skills and elevate each beverage’s quality.

This month, 2,000 Starbucks baristas from 16 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean will be participating in National Starbucks Barista Championship competitions, which first stage takes place in their respective stores, then within their district and finally at National level. Ultimately, 11 champions – representing the best of the best – from Starbucks LATAM (Latin America) have the opportunity to share their passion for quality and barista craft at the 5th annual Barista Championship Experience, this year held in Costa Rica

“Starbucks Partners are the igniters of human connection that continues to elevate the coffee experience as the passion that is poured into every beverage is unquestionable,” emphasized Ricardo Rico vp and general manager Latin America & Caribbean at Starbucks. “We have young leaders who are passionately sharing their story with others over coffee— they will mark the difference in their countries as they all have dreams and are enthusiastically looking on how to make them come true”. The week-long event will be celebrating the champions while inspiring and equipping them to be leaders in coffee craft and customer connections at their stores. The champions will also have the opportunity to experience firsthand the entire coffee journey- from planting a coffee tree at the Pablo Aco coffee farm, to perfecting their barista skills showcasing their latte art.

Get to know the 2019 Starbucks Aruba & Curacao Barista Champions. From Aruba, Mistika Moncion Cork representing Starbucks Mall. Mistika is a barista since July 2012; her favorite drink is the Chai Latte with vanilla.  Also, Reginald Janga representing Starbucks Marketplace. Reginald is a barista since 2012; his favorite drink is the Cold Brew White Mocha with half & half. And, Marlene Erwich representing Starbucks Marriott. Marlene is a barista since August 2018, her favorite drink is flat white. Last but not least, Govan Quandus representing Starbucks Paseo Herencia. Govan is a barista since 2016; his favorite drink is Vanilla/ hazelnut 3 Ristretto shot latte. From Curacao we’ll have Juan Daniel Cerallo Valdez. Juan is a barista since April 2018; his favorite drink is the Vanilla Flat White. And, Norenis Overman. Norenis is a barista since June 2017; her favorite drink is the White Chocolate Mocha.

Starbucks Aruba & Curacao would like to invite you to be part of this year final Barista Championship where Aruba & Curacao barista winner will compete among each other on  Wednesday June 19th at Starbucks Renaissance Mall as of 10 am.