Preserve & protect our beautiful island: Have you made your promise to Aruba?

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As the official Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) for Aruba, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) is responsible for coordinating Aruba’s destination marketing, destination development, and destination partnerships. The A.T.A. continuously strives to place Aruba one step ahead of its competitors in an effort to promote Aruba as the preferred Caribbean destination for both current and potential visitors.

With a clear view of what they aspire Aruba to be, the A.T.A. has set the positioning and development of Aruba as a desirable and sustainable destination as its clear-cut vision. The A.T.A. strives to achieve this vision by functioning as an innovative and agile company that drives prosperity for Aruba through sustainable tourism.

In accordance with the A.T.A.’s vision for the future, A.T.A. has launched the ‘Code of Conduct’ awareness campaign. The Code of Conduct serves to encourage both locals and visitors alike to behave themselves in a sustainable manner in an effort to ensure that our ‘One Happy Island’ is preserved and protected for the generations to come/the future generation. Hereby, the A.T.A. aims to promote controlled growth in ways that contribute to the community’s economic, social, and environmental well-being while also catering to the needs of our visitors. In order to materialize the Code of Conduct, A.T.A. also introduced the ‘My Promise to Aruba’ campaign. The goal behind this is to encourage both locals and visitors to pledge to acting kind and responsible while visiting Aruba by not bringing any harm and destruction to themselves, our natural environment, our cultural heritage and our happy people.

When making their promise to Aruba, both locals and visitors are presented with a list of ‘house rules’ that guide their commitment to Aruba. These house rules include various do’s and don’ts that touch bases on various topics such as the protection and preservation of the island’s flora and fauna, showing respect for the local culture and heritage, and portraying a ‘One Happy Island’ behavior by being kind and respectful.

The A.T.A. encourages both locals and visitors to make their promise to Aruba and hereby contribute to the achievement of a sustainable form of tourism on the island. Make your pledge today and share it on social media. With your contribution to our Code of Conduct, our ‘One Happy Island’ is protected and preserved for generations to come.

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