Political status in Aruba

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The Governor of Aruba, His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, started consultations with advisory bodies and political leaders on Monday June 28, 2021. During the consultations, the Governor was advised on the options for forming a new cabinet, in view of the results of the elections to the States.

The Governor spoke separately with the chairman of the Advisory Council, Mr Frits Goedgedrag, and the chairman of the Parliament, Mr Juan Thijsen. After that, the Governor spoke with the leaders of the political parties that have won at least one seat on the basis of the provisional election results. This concerns Mrs Evelyn Wever-Croes (MEP), Mr Mike Eman (AVP), Mr Ursell Arends (RAIZ), Ms Marisol Lopez Tromp (MAS) and Mr Miguel Mansur (Accion21). Subsequently, the Governor held consultations with the chair of the Social Economic Council, Ms Tisa LaSorte, the acting chair of the Court of Audit, Mr Frederick Nuboer, and with the Aruban member of the Board of Aruba Financial Supervision, Ms Hellen van der Wal.

Eddy Werleman and Tisa Lasorte appointed as informants

Following these discussions, the Governor appointed Mr Eddy Werleman and Mrs Tisa LaSorte as informants on Monday July 5, 2021. They have been requested to examine the possibilities for forming a stable cabinet that enjoys the confidence of the largest possible majority in Parliament. The cabinet must be able to arrive at a joint policy aimed at the financial and socio-economic recovery of Aruba, in particular the further implementation and implementation of the Aruba National Package. It is important that the cabinet gets to work on a number of urgent matters as soon as possible. If it appears that such a cabinet can be formed, the informants should then persuade the political parties involved to sign a declaration of willingness. In this document, the parties declare their willingness to form a coalition government together. Werleman and LaSorte have accepted this information assignment. The informants must report in writing to the Governor about the outcome of the assignment by July 12, 2021 at the latest.

New Aruba States members sworn in

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, the Governor of Aruba, took the oath or affirmation of the new members of the Parliament of Aruba. The ceremony took place in the Assembly Hall of the States. The composition of the Parliament consists of 21 members from 5 political parties. One Member of Parliament, Mr. Oslin Benito Sevinger, has not yet been summoned by the Governor to take the oath.

Political parties MEP and RAIZ sign declaration of willingness to form a government for 2021 – 2025

Thursday July 8, 2021. The political parties Movemento Electoral di Pueblo (MEP) and RAIZ reached an agreement to continue negotiations on forming a coalition government. That same day, the two parties met with the informants, Werleman and LaSorte. During this meeting, they signed a declaration of willingness to negotiate and form a coalition. The leader of the MEP, Evelyn Wever-Croes indicated that political party MEP and political party RAIZ have enough agreements to work on a base to govern Aruba for the next four years. As there is still a pandemic on the island, the two sides have largely agreed to move Aruba forward together to make it stronger and more resilient. Before a large group at El Faro lighthouse, the two sides signed another covenant, a statement in which the parties express their intention to form a new government. This statement includes the coalition agreements under which the coalition will operate in the coming period, resulting in the formation of the Wever-Croes 2 cabinet. The parties are negotiating the key points identified in the agreement to form a solid government. The topics that have priority for both parties are: Integrity; The agreements with the Netherlands; Economic recovery; Balanced public finances; Sustainable development; Social rights, care for the elderly, children and young people, putting people first.

“We believe that 11 seats are wide enough to provide the stability required to run our country,” said MEP leader Evelyn Wever-Croes.

Governor appoints Evelyn Wever-Croes to form the next Government

After the informants, Werleman and LaSorte handed over the declaration of willingness on July 8 to the Governor of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes, party leader of Movemento Electoral di Pueblo (MEP), also handed over the letter of intent to the Governor that the party leaders of MEP and RAIZ signed. The final report of the informants was also submitted to Governor. This completes the information round. In line with the final report of the informants and in view of the signed declaration of willingness and intent, Governor Boekhoudt appointed Mrs Evelyn Wever-Croes as the person to form the next government on Friday July 9. The Governor has requested her to form a stable cabinet that enjoys the confidence of the States parties of MEP and RAIZ and that consists of persons who are willing and able to arrive at a joint policy aimed at the financial and socio-economic recovery of Aruba, in particular on the further implementation and implementation of the National Package. Wever-Croes must report in writing to Governor Boekhoudt about her findings by August 9, 2021 at the latest. In the meantime, the Wever-Croes will inform the Governor orally or, if necessary, in writing about the progress in the execution of the formation assignment. The group leaders in the Parliament have been informed in writing of the formation assignment and of the fact that Wever-Croes has kept it under consideration. The group leaders have been called upon to cooperate fully in carrying out the formation assignment.