Aruba is now under Code Orange: It’s important to prevent and make sure wea re well prepared

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The Prime Minister of Aruba EVelyn Wever-Croes along with Bureau Rampenbestrijding, during a press conference announced that Aruba is under a Tropical Storm Warning. The bad weather that is coming has developed very quickly and Crisis Team of Aruba will be active to handle the situation.

The latest update from the Prime Minister is that the velocity of the storm has increased from 25km per hour to 38km per hour. As indicated on Monday night, the storm was expected to arrive on Wednesday night around 8pm, however considering the current speed, it will arrive earlier as well. Therefore, it’s expected at around 6pm, at which time the effects of the storm will be felt. Aruba is now in Code Orange with a possibility of entering Code Red on Wednesday Afternoon.

Up until now all that is expected is heavy rainfall. In this case it is asked that everyone prepares for 3 days of heavy rain, namely Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The situation is still subject to change, however in the most severe of cases we expect 3 days of heavy rainfall.

Another fact about this storm is that it will also hit the South part of Aruba, between Aruba and Venezuela. This route is one that it’s not used to taking, which makes it possible that we may experience other types of results, the Prime Minister explained.

We also expect that during the hours ahead of us, the beaches may get rough and therefore a “Small Craft Warning” has been emitted. The government made an appeal to all fishermen to remove their boats from the ocean.

The government of Aruba is moving every emergency team to their designated positions and asks the community as well as our visitors to take the necessary precautions, especially those who are in areas subject to flooding. If possible, it is preferred to spend the duration of the storm with family members of acquaintances.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the situation looks serious, however the situation is always subject to change during its development. At this moment, it is of utmost importance to prevent and make sure we are all well prepared for any circumstance.