Peaking Pizza

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PALM BEACH – When it comes to indulging in pizza, we have become spoilt for choice as of late. But, there is a new kid on the block that has something different. Tomato Charlies Pizza, part of the Brickell Bay Beach Club & resort is a healthy choice. Yes, it is possible to crave for pizza and not feel blown up afterwards. Juan Keyter, General Manager of Brickell Bay Beach Club & Spa Hotel, explains us how and why.

“It is not your regular fatty pizza that is oily and fat with a lot of dough. We needed something different and with the owners and ourselves having a tie to Chicago, we went back to Chicago and found this place called Bull’s Pizza. There we ate a low fat, thin crust pizza and the beautiful part of it is that it is literally almost like cracker bread. It does not blow you up and is made with low-gluten dough.” This is exact the pizza Tomato Charlies offers. “The flower itself makes the difference as it is an unbleached flower.

What that does is that it cannot rise. Same with the yeast, we use fresh yeast, NO powder yeast. This all together makes a big difference.” All vegetables are fresh and cut every morning, nothing is canned and the Italian sausage is brought in from Chicago as well as the pepperoni. The mozzarella cheese comes from Fabri, one of the largest suppliers out of Chicago and most of the top restaurants buy their cheeses here. “Our mozzarella is a low-fat one and from a very well-known quality.”

Cheese Tops
When it comes to the menu we find a range of choices. The pizza comes 9, 12 or 14 inch. There are four signature pizzas with three or four toppings. “We choose not to overpower too many flavors, than it becomes just one big pot of soup and that would be too much. But, our toppings are extra-large toppings and therefore we offer square slices instead of the points, to prevent the toppings to drop.” The red sauce Tomato Charlies uses has no sodium, again it does not blow you up and is much healthier.

Another unique detail is that this place does not put your cheese under the sausage, but on top of it. “Why: taste and flavor stay locked in the melted cheese, the sausage just pops in your mouth. It fills the flavor between the red tomato base and the sausage, together with the toppings you have a true pizza delight.” Besides the signature pizza you can Build Your Own, choose Lasagna or one of the four sandwiches or even BBQ Chicken Wings.

Delivery on the Beach
Tomato Charlies has been here before, almost 14 years ago at the location of now Joe &Guisseppe Steakhouse. “An Italian Steakhouse that is the only one in Aruba that brings in prime steaks, every single steak on our menu is prime steak, the best quality you will find in Aruba”, Juan mentions on the sideline. Back to the pizza “Last year we made the decision to open Tomato Charlies again, upon a lot of request from the public.

We chose for a take-out store, right in the Brickell Bay Mall. On weekends people go out
and have a drink and we stay open till 1AM at night. It is an enjoyable pizza and you can still have something healthy. Also we do delivery at all high rise hotels from RIU to Marriott, between 5 PM until 12 AM, Fri and Sat until 1 AM. On the beach we deliver too! By sending a location from what’s app, we will find you and deliver to your sun bed.

For more information: Facebook Tomato Charlies Aruba.