Our happy island is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

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From the calm, mangrove-lined waters of Mangel Halto to the gently lapping waves of Baby Beach, Aruba’s beautiful natural wonders offer a secluded, relaxing escape from the world outside

In today’s world of constant connectivity, taking a break from day-to-day life is more important than ever. The simple act of going on vacation can help improve your physical health, increase your mental capacity, sharpen your creativity and make you more productive – thus elevating your overall wellness.

Studies have shown that being near the beach can reduce stress and positively affect wellbeing, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D in the form of warm sunshine (in moderation, of course) can lift your mood almost immediately. Locals swear by the therapeutic powers of a swim in the ocean, as seawater can help heal wounds, reduce joint pain and stress and even alleviate depression. So go ahead and slip into a calmer state of mind as soon as you feel the soft white sands at any of our beautiful beaches between your toes, the clear waters of the Caribbean lapping at your feet and the refreshing trade breezes blowing at your back.

You can use your time in Aruba to catch up on sleep with a rejuvenating nap on the beach. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your overall health, and getting some serious shut-eye support both physical and mental wellbeing is much needed.

Walk hand in hand with your partner on the beach to experience the benefits of touch. In addition to making your heart happy, research has shown that hand holding and hugs can help lower your blood pressure. It’s the perfect time to revive the love between the two of you.

Speaking of walking, it is one of the best cardiovascular activities you can engage in, and it can put you in a great mood. Find peace amongst the cacti and wildlife on an invigorating walk into Arikok National Park.

And last but not least FOOD. Aruba’s culinary experience gives you nothing but smiles and a happy belly. Our food selection is endless. From breakfast, to lunch to dinner there is something for everyone. A mixture of different cultures from all over the world makes our culinary journey, simply extraordinary!

One of the reasons that so many people return to Aruba year after year for their vacation fun is its hospitality. It’s often said that Aruba’s “secret weapon” is its local citizens, who not only welcome travelers from all over the world but do their best to make each visitor feel more like family.