On the initiative of Aruba Tourism Authority: Prohibited to climb or hang goods in the Fofoti tree at Eagle Beach

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The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) initiated a concrete effort, as part of the strategic plan to protect and strengthen our environment, to create awareness and protection for our local nature. This in reference to a specific local tree, the Fofoti at Eagle Beach. The tree is standing just in front of the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort and has become a famous icon on the island.

The Fofoti tree grows everywhere on the island, but specifically close to the sea and the one at Eagle Beach is the most famous. This location is being used for many occasions throughout the year and became a well-known symbol on our island. The famous international brand IKEA even used a picture of our Eagle Beach Fofoti tree as a framed picture for sales in all their stores.

On the basis of a petition by the associates of Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, a special sign is being placed to explain the locals and visitors about the Fofoti tree and to create awareness about its protection by local law. The main goal of the sign is to educate our locals and visitors that it is not permitted to climb the tree or hang goods in it. The branches could break off and this will damage the tree. It would harm this beautiful icon of Aruba. The protection and maintenance of this area is most important for our visitors, our locals and generations to come.