Nikkei Sushi Bar, not just a sushi bar

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Nikkei is a name commonly used in Japan to refer to people of Japanese ancestry that are living abroad as citizens of other countries. It refers to the mix of cuisine and culture of the Japanese migrants in Peru. In time, successive generations created the cuisine that is generally known as Nikkei.  

It’s not just sushi

You’ve eaten traditional Japanese sushi. Now, experience the most magical afternoon on the island. The names might be the same or similar, but the flavors are not.  Nikkei Sushi Bar is a fusion of Asian and South American together with the sand of Aruba, this is how you get Nikkei Sushi Bar.


Unique dishes full of originality and creativity. Nikkei Sushi Bar offers unforgettable and unique flavors through creative cuisine art so that you can enjoy a good sushi.

Our menu has also a large selection of appetizers but not just ordinary appetizers. It is the very essence of Nikkei Cuisine. The mélange of familiar flavors highlight the spicy South American portion of our menu with subtle hints of Japanese seasoning to create the most delectable and memorable meals you will ever have.

Nikkei Sushi Bar is for eating and…drinking. Pair your food with some Sake or Kirin Beer or go fusion and have an island-made cocktail and beer.  But don’t stop there because you can get a high ball or good old-fashioned on this rock. The bar is completely stocked and the place will make you meet and create newer happy moments on our one happy island.

Nikkei Sushi Bar is a fusion of food, drink and a good ambience.

Make your reservation at: +297 7376506.

Nikkei Sushi Bar

Tanki Flip 55

Noord Aruba

Tel: +297 7376506

Opening hours:12noon-10pm.every day.