Newly Upgraded RADEX BCMS Goes Live at Aruba Airport

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ORANJESTAD — For ten years, Migracion Aruba has been using the RADEX Border Control Management System (BCMS) at the Aruba Airport to ensure safe and effective border control.  Two years ago, the developer of RADEX, Gamma IT Solutions, was asked by Aruba’s Minister of Justice to upgrade and modernize the system.  Gamma is proud to announce that the upgraded version, which is virtually an entirely new application with many new modules and interfaces, and all new hardware, servers, and specialized equipment went live at the Aruba Airport during the week of November 19, 2018.

RADEX is a complete BCMS with the latest hard- and software for multi-biometric capture and search capabilities. The key features of RADEX include first-stage processing, which involves checks against  stolen passport databases, multiple wanted lists, and any other database a country desires; second-stage processing, which includes multi-biometric search and enrollment; reporting; security; and administration.

With the recent RADEX upgrade, Gamma is proud to have adopted the latest fingerprint and facial scan techniques for multi-biometric search and enrollment.  The RADEX upgrade has also resulted in a major improvement in traveler processing time.

While the upgraded version of RADEX indeed promises greater border control for Aruba, the system proves incredibly valuable from a tourism standpoint as well.  RADEX features an extensive array of interfaces and modules that can link important information between border control entities and tourism authorities.  This sharing of information greatly benefits the tourism sector.  One of the modules—the Online ED card—is especially exciting, as it enables the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) to premarket to tourists, avoids input errors, and results in shorter processing time at the airport.  Other modules include a Tourism Module, Fixed Base Operator Module, Portable Units Module, Coast Guard Module, and ESTA Module.

Frank Baks, director of business development at Gamma, shares some words on the launch of the RADEX upgrade: “Our team is incredibly proud to have delivered such a complex and large project.  All the parties involved are very satisfied that the project was launched so successfully, and we look forward to continuing our work with Migracion Aruba, the Ministries of Justice and Tourism, and the ATA to ensure safe borders and help streamline Aruba’s tourism-related processes.”