Meet One Happy Photographer

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The cover picture of the Aruba Today Facebook page shows a picture of a different local photographer every couple of months. We just love culture and would like to support our local talents, therefore Aruba Today chooses to be a platform for showcasing art.

The newest cover picture is the work of the talented Julien de Bats alias One Happy Photographer. Before him we had the honor to showcase the art of photographers Michael-Anthony, Anuar Habibe, Armando Goedgedrag, Jonathan Petit and Jeroen Lucas from Aruba Paradise Photos.

De Bats is a Dutch photographer that now calls Aruba home. Having travelled and lived throughout Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, De Bats discovered that he is passionate about capturing photos of the people around him. During his adventure, he realized that even the shyest camera-phobes felt comfortable revealing the nuances of their personality in front of his lens. Along with producing high quality images that look and feel like artwork, De Bats is a master of creating a collaborative, easy-going atmosphere for his clients. In the past, clients speak highly of the photographer for his ability to make everyone feel comfortable during the photo shoot experience. His extreme attention to detail and talent for creating unique images is what sets him apart, allowing him to deliver exceptional photos. He provides a wide range of photography services in Aruba, including wedding and engagement photos, portraits, and event photos.

For more information: Call him at +297 594 1369 or email to or check out his website