New: Sports wagering at Eagle Casino & Double Down Sports Bar

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Eagle Aruba Casino and Double Down Sports bar and Grill now offers sports wagering. They introduce their new sports betting kiosks which are a player’s paradise for sport wagering. Eagle Casino & Double Down Sports bar is the only sports bar on the island that can offer sports wagering and because they are almost always open, you can get in on the action around the clock!

The betting process is a simple one. Sports wager enthusiasts while visiting the Double Down can use the nearby self-service kiosks in the casino to place their wagers. Upon entering their bets, they receive a ticket, and once their event has ended, they can present that ticket to collect their earnings. Everything is there from boxing to baseball, tennis to hockey, basketball and football – that’s only the shortlist!

There is a wide variety of betting lines for sporting events throughout the world, that run seasonally and some all year round. Some events you would never expect to have the opportunity to wager on, like the European “Champions League”, “La Liga” Spanish Premier League and Rugby, are right here! The casino offers a vast number of choices in wager types, including straight bets, parlays, teasers, Round Robin, Money Line, Over & Under Totals as well as wagers on the points system. “I think we offer a unique experience all around, with the resort and all, we have to offer. It provides an experience for an entire family. If you want to come with the family, [and] if one of the adults wanted to come over at the Casino and Sports Bar to bet on sports while the others enjoy our facility and its surrounding, no problem. Amazing Eagle Beach is within a stone’s throw distance too. All that together is our special niche that we can offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Come play in Paradise!” q