New moon and yoga and sound bath

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Coming Thursday you have the opportunity to pay attention to you! Pamper your inner and outer health with a new moon yoga session and sound bath. One Happy Yogi will guide you through this journey of joy at Eagle Beach. The event is from 08.30pm until 09.30pm, please register at Facebook One Happy Yogi.

Yin Yoga and breath work
Yin Yoga is a gentle yet deep practice of different Asanas, targeting the deepest tissues in the body, glands, energy centers and meridians by holding each pose for two minutes or more. Breath work is, as the name points out, working with our breath and body to shift our awareness from reactiveness to stillness, by infusing our body with oxygen and then suspending the breath for certain amount of time. By doing this practices the body and its systems automatically shift into relaxation, energetic channels open up and we flow from the sympathetic (fight and flight) to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

Give yourself the gift of reconnecting with your true nature trough 50min of gentle movements, stillness of the mind and subtle energy awareness. All levels and ages are most welcome, in love, acceptance and compassion to all our different body types and needs.

Sound healing
For the entire duration of our event, we will be invited to dive deep into our inner journey and connecting with our highest, best, most loving version of ourSelves inspired by the beautiful, soothing and healing vibrations of sound and music. With the blessing and powerful energies and alchemy of @onehappyyogi’s voice to guide us in, especially during Savasana (relaxation time and the end of our event), with our instruments tuned at the healing frequencies of 432Hz (frequency aligned with the “heartbeat of our planet” and known for promoting deep states of relaxation, recovery, offering less anxiety, emotional healing, greater intuition, amongst other qualities), we will have the privilege of welcoming Xavi Waves as a special guest on the guitar and as a Shamanic energetic space holder.

Setting intentions

A life lived with purpose is a powerful one, since energy flows where intention goes. To start our practice we will use techniques that will help us visualize with clarity our best and most loving experiences for this lifetime and we will proceed to write down a set of intentions we would want to see happening for us, aligned with our visualizations, hopes and dreams. We will share tools during our practice, like clear and strong affirmations, to help us manifest our heart’s desires and soul calling into this material reality.

Air element

We will be embodying the New Moon in Libra’s energies by honoring the air element with an intuitive dance ceremony helping us feel our intentions already in the physical body (this is an abundance practice that you can keep on for the next six months cycle). We will offer our intentions to the wind, inviting her fantastic flow to reach all the corners of the Earth and help us manifest our intentions into physical existence.

Giving back

As a divine guidance and soul mission, we are all called to serve this Earth, Mother Gaia, Pachamama, honour those who came before us, our fathers, mothers, ancestors and all living beings sharing the world alongside us. And so we invite you to do so as well. If you feel inspired to give back to Earth, feel free to bring organic produce, fruits, flowers (if they grow in your yard, even better!), honey, or make your own traditional meal (funchi, arepitas…) to share with the one who sustains our life. Our intention is to honour and give back, with beauty, art, joy and in love!