NEW at Solanio, The Ritz-Carlton: Pizza Plus Italian Delight

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The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba tops with their Italian restaurant Solanio with a casual trattoria ambiance and an elegant, yet cozy setting but most importantly delicious Italian cuisine. Added to this gastronomy from Southern Europe cuisine is the unforgettable pizza. Because of high demand this savory dish that is originally from Napoli, is new on the lunch menu and comes to your table between noon and 2 pm daily in optima forma.

The traditional Margherita; the tropical Hawaiian; the fancy Prosciutto; the macho Meat Lover’s, the healthy Veggie, the fine Funghi and the cool Burger pizza are ready for you to be explored, all priced between $20 to $26. Gluten-free and vegan are an optional too. The Ritz-Carlton never goes standard, so in this case, offering a gourmet pizza means the dough is just tasting better, the sauces make a difference and the toppings have a pure, and solid flavor. This is not your ordinary pizza; this is a Godfather’s delight.

Pizza Pick
The pie man behind the scenes is Aruban Anthony Koolman, responsible for the fact that you will be back once you tasted his pizza delight. It is like the classic line, “I’m gonna make you an offer; you cannot refuse.” “We make our own dough resulting in a semi-focaccia with honey and olive oil. The trick is, not to use too much in order to create this crispy crust. Then it goes for six to eight minutes in a wood fired oven on a temperature of 450-475 degrees Fahrenheit.” He continues explaining the fresh ingredients that are used, and the authentic Italian toppings. “You have the choice to add some fresh Parmesan cheese or three home-made infused oils.” The concept is ideal whenever you’re craving a quick, great-tasting lunch that is still wallet-friendly, and no need to say this, but for the kids, this is the bomb. “We introduced the pizzas because of high demand from our guests and it really turns out great. Families love it. Also locals discovered our new menu and come for example before playing their Sunday Bingo at the casino.”

The Ritz-Carlton, Solanio

L. G. Smith Boulevard #107

Palm Beach, Aruba

T: (297) 527-2222