Minister Oduber visits Costa Linda Beach Resort

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The minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, payed a visit to Costa Linda Beach Resort. This is part of an initiative that started back in 2022, where the minister would visit different hotels in order to talk about the hotels’ strategies and visions. During his visitation at Costa Linda, Minister Oduber had the opportunity to sit down with General Manager Mr. Luis Heredia, who gave a beautiful presentation of the Hotel’s future plans.

Costa Linda Beach Resort has been on Aruba for 31 years and all of its timeshares has been completely sold out. During his visit, Minister Oduber had the opportunity to converse with more than three employees who expressed how proud they are to be working at the hotel for more than 30 years and how they developed within the company.

Costa Linda is a hotel where the owners are its own home owners; they believe in investing continually in order to improve their product and quality. The company also believes in investing in their employees, who receive great care and treatment. Costa Linda had a productive 2022, with the company successfully completing several projects including the initiative to reduce energy use for sustainability. They have different renovations in the pipeline for 2023, including the renovation of their lobby, construction of a big canopy at the hotel’s restaurant Water’s Edge and many more.

Costa Linda is a timeshare hotel that sees sales 51 weeks out of the 52 weeks of the year. This is so that there are always ten rooms under maintenance. They predict that 2023 will be better than 2019 and they are prepared to be capable for it. Costa Linda has shown confidence in product Aruba to keep investing in the improvement of their hotel.

The minister wishes to express his gratitude toward Costa Linda for his fruitful visit and for their efforts to improve their quality and service. Mr. Oduber is very enthusiastic about the plans for the future. All these developments align with the Minister’s vision to place more value on the tourists who invest in Aruba and to raise the quality of their experience during their visit.