Minister Geoffrey Wever: Agri Business Academy was a complete success!

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(Oranjestad)—After passing the first trajectory of the Agri Business Academy, a first group of future business people received their certificate in the presence of Minister Geoffrey Wever (Economic Affairs) and Minister Ursell Arends (Nature). The goal of the Agri Business Academy to help people set up their own businesses in agriculture or help those who want to further develop in the agricultural sector.

Businesses and business talent is essential for our economy to development and grow. The role of the government of Aruba in this process is to facilitate opportunities for each citizen so they can acquire knowledge and skills to run their own businesses. In this case, to run their own business in the agricultural sector, a sector that has a big potential for growth. As part of the approach to stimulate trade, the Agri Business Academy is a tool to help a future merchant grow and become successful. In this way, the government actively works with the private sector to diversify our economy, creating new spaces for work, profit for the government and make Aruba less dependent on international trade and influence.


“I’m very happy and proud to see that the Agri Business Academy culminated to 17 participants getting their certificate. When I became a minister, I was approached with a proposition by Qredits to partner with the government so we can boost the agricultural sector from the business perspective. Along with Minister Arends, we came to an agreement to organize the Agri Business Academy and offer this program to 60 people. This is a 12-week course on the business side of agriculture. I’m extremely happy to see this idea come to life. This way we show great collaboration between ministers and the private sector for the benefit of our residents. This course is an investment made by the government for our community. We try to bring important changes with the little funding we have.”

Minister Wever wishes every participant all the best with their ambitions and business endeavors in the agricultural sector and gives thanks to Qredits Aruba for their cooperation with the government to facilitate opportunities like these to the public. This program will surely contribute greatly in stimulating trade and business talent in Aruba. Soon, a new group will be able to participate in this same program.