Meet Michael Aram, award-winning creator of beautiful and distinctive objects

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ORANJESTAD – Michael Aram is an award-winning creator of beautiful and distinctive objects. For over twenty-five years, he has honed his metal-working techniques to make his signature designs in precious metals, which capture the beauty, significance, and delicacy of nature. 

“For me, jewelry is wearable art that is personal and meaningful. The pieces become part of
you. Jewelry is intimate, as it is in contact with the body and is touched and caressed each day. Jewelry pieces mark a meaningful event in one’s life or are given as a gift from someone special. As an artist who has dedicated his career to craft based design in metal, I feel that jewelry is the ultimate expression as something that is cherished and is passed down through generations.”

With his fine jewelry, Aram invites you to enter an enchanted world where twigs entwine
wrists, vines caress fingers, and feathers take flight on ears. His work elevates craft into art,
making any occasion that much more exceptional. As inspired objects, his jewelry expresses the refined sensibilities of the extraordinary women who wear it.

Aram’s fine jewelry and celebrated decorative arts collections are created with age-old
techniques and imbued with a soulful quality that reflects the hand of the artist. Michael
Aram’s skillful artisans combine traditional mastery with breathtaking innovation. Aside from his fine jewelry collections, Aram is most known for his distinctive home, furniture
and tabletop offerings. He also creates large scale unique and limited edition sculptures.

This Thursday, March 29th, you’re invited to visit Little Switzerland located in downtown
Royal Plaza to meet world-renowned artist and designer Michael Aram, where we will host a
special showing of his fine jewelry collections. Receive a beautiful Black Orchid jewelry box as
an exclusive gift with your purchase of any piece of Michael Aram jewelry, and participate in
order to win a beautiful Michael Aram giftware set.