Marine Spatial Planning Workshop initiates the conversation about marine resource planning

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On November 15, 2022, the Ministry of Nature organized a Marine Spatial Planning workshop.

The workshop’s objective is to highlight the importance of sustainable planning for our resources, like the ocean surrounding our island. The Ministers and Members of Parliament had the opportunity to come together and open the discussion for the future national policies for Aruba.

An expert from the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Netherlands in collaboration with UNESCO created the workshop Marine Spatial Planning. The expert came to Aruba on his own, provided all material pro bono, and guided those responsible for policy-making in Aruba.

During the workshop, the participants learned more about Marine Spatial Planning. They discussed the Maritime Economy, Energy Transition, and the effects of climate change.

This workshop is a continuation of the efforts by the Ministry of Nature to reorganize marine planning. The first step was to create an inventory of water sports. The ministry also works on introducing a sustainable policy for the fishery, starting a national platform for fishermen, and adjusting, among others, the laws relevant to spearfishing.

Through the Marine Spatial Planning workshop, they can focus on the need for more changes in responsible planning.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, there will be another, more extensive workshop with multiple local stakeholders in the field of marine management, namely Santa Rosa, ATA, National Arikok Park, and the DNM.

The Minister of Nature, Ursell Arends, is grateful to all participants and the Dutch expert who contributed to a more sustainable marine policy in Aruba.