Malmok Boardwalk enters phase 3 in 2022

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The Minister of Tourism and Public Health has announced that the Malmok Boardwalk project will continue with phase 3.

The Malmok Boardwalk is a new boardwalk that runs along most of the Malmok beach strip and is used by many for leisure and sports. In addition to embellishing the area, it provides security to its users. According to the plans of the Ministry, ATA, Tourism Product Enhancement Fund TPEF, DOW, and the DIP, phase 3 will be starting at the beginning of 2022.

Phase 3 consists primarily of the embellishment of the entire project. It includes palm trees, colorful flowering plants, and more parking areas that will blend in with the natural aspects of the project. The Malmok Boardwalk was planned according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

By 2022, there are many other projects planned to enhance our island, as tourism remains the main driver for our economy.