Looking for something new? Get a fusion of Trinidad & Tobago and the essence of Aruba at Kamini’s Kitchen

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A native from Trinidad, Kamini Kurvink learned to cook at only 10 years of age. She was cooking for her parents and her eight siblings. This love for baking and cooking gave her all the experience and knowledge she has today to invent and re-invent her homeland dishes, making this more personalized.

At the age of 26, Kamini relocated to Aruba where she started working at a fast food chain. Starting out as a regular employee, Kamini’s hard work and love for her craft got her all the way up to the position of manager.

After leaving her job at the fast food chain, she opened a breakfast and lunch snackette that was open 6 days every week for about 10 months. Eventually, Kamini got to the current location and this is how today we have one of the restaurants that bring our visitors true Aruban cuisine, Kamini’s Kitchen.

Once you’re on the island, dare to try something different. The best part about it is that you have to look no further than at Kamini’s Kitchen. One of the most special aspects of Kamini’s Kitchen is the combination of Kamini’s Trinidadian roots and the local flavor you must try as a visitor to the island. By doing this, you can enjoy her traditions through the food you’re being served. This restaurant gives you a wide variety of dishes to choose from that are bound to make a lasting impression on you and you’ll be sure to return for more. So much so, that in order to motivate you to try something new, they will offer you a sample of their signature dish to get you started.

All the food made at Kamini’s Kitchen is freshly made and to order. You get the best quality of food along with an open concept that creates a wonderful ambiance that is loved by all who visit. The natural air that can be felt in every corner of the restaurant makes it a fresh and accommodating place to be in, especially because it calms many who may still carry post-pandemic worries.

The main dish Kamini’s Kitchen recommends is the Roti with Curry. Curry is usually Indian and often comes in a prepackaged way. However Kamini’s Kitchen takes pride in their curry made in-house, which is usually not spicy unless you want it to be. And the best part? In the case that you do want it spicy, Kamini’s has their own homemade hot sauce and one drop is more than enough!

Another dish that Kamini’s Kitchen highly recommends is the Whole Red Snapper in curry or ‘Crioyo’ sauce with aros moro. This is one of Kamini’s best sellers with their fishes being from open water.

At Kamini’s Kitchen every costumer is just as important; therefore the menu is dietary restrictions friendly. They will cater to your needs as long as it’s within their reach and are willing to adjust their menu to your desires, so much so that vegetarians may even order off menu.

The newest member of the family is the Doubles. This is a snack platter that has tortillas with layers of Jhana paste and tamarind chutney. This makes for a perfect snack to prepare the stomach before heading to the beach, given Kamini’s Kitchen’s perfect location. And once you’re heading back home after the beach, head back to Kamini’s for a wonderful dinner sure to exceed your expectations.

At Kamini’s Kitchen, you will be mesmerized by our cuisine.


We also made a video for you to find Kamini’s easier: https://fb.watch/m1myInQkGj/