Lionfish Tournament & Tasting

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SAVANETA — De Palm Island along with the Aruba Lion Fish Initiative Foundation‘s main goal is to protect Aruba’s marine life against invading Lionfish. Because of this they invite you to take action with them this Sunday, December 9th, for the Lionfish Derby finals. There will be a demonstration on the anatomy of a Lionfish and a fillet tasting accompanied by live music! 

Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation is an active, though “business minded” organization. As an innovator it combines idealistic goals to save Aruba’s reefs with social entrepreneurship in order to create a business model that actually sustains itself. ALFI is designed to create a permanent 100 % sustainable fishery to manage populations of the invasive lionfish in Aruban waters by purchasing, data collection, information and processing to create a market supply.

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