Let us value, cherish and protect Papiamento

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ORANJESTAD – On May 21, 2023, it was exactly 20 years ago that the Parliament of Aruba approved Papiamento as an official language alongside Dutch.

Since this date, one can draft official correspondence in Papiamento or Dutch.

Papiamento is a national identity symbol that is part of our cultural heritage and is the most used tool in our communication. Papiamento is the native language spoken by the majority of the community.

It is the backbone of our history and development. It is the heart of our culture. Papiamento unites us as a community and inspires love and respect for the culture of our island.

According to the pilot Census in 2019, Papiamento is the language most spoken at home. Of the four most spoken languages, 80% speak Papiamento at home.

Most immigrants in Aruba, 58%, speak Papiamento at home. This data indicates that Papiamento is the most preferred language spoken in Aruba.

The Minister of Culture Xiomara Maduro calls on everyone to think about the value of our Papiamento. Speaking and writing Papiamento is a responsibility of all of us. Let’s value, cherish and protect our Papiamento for our generation and future generations.