Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano preparing for Cultural Parade 2022

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Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano (Foundation Pro-Aruban Culture) and the Bernadina Foundation are in preparations for the election of Folklore Queen 2022, as well as for the Cultural Parade 2022, which will take place in connection with the Day of Brazil 2022, organized by the Chico Harms Foundation.

Mrs. Lilian Besselink, president of the Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano, shared during a press conference details of how the foundation is preparing for the Queen of Folklore election and the Cultural Parade 2022.

Besselink commented that this year will be the first time that Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano is going to send two participants for the Cultural Folklore Queen of Aruba, in the categories of Baby Folklore Cultural and Gran Dama Folklore Cultural.

Baby Folklore Cultural, who is going to represent Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano, is Liskenni Flanegin, only six years old, while the Gran Dama Folklore Cultural is Mrs. Antonia Hilaria, 49 years old. The Folklore Cultural Queen of Aruba’s election, in the category for children and youth, will take place on the 20th of August. The election in the adult’s category will ta place on the 27th of August. Both elections will be at the Centro di Bario Brazil, Aruba (Brazil Community Center).

Regarding the Cultural Parade 2022, this will take place on the 4th of September, Day of Brazil. According to Besselink, this year Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano is going to pay tribute to Trio Las Campiranas – Trio Las Campiranas was a singing group formed by renowned Aruban singer, Bernadina Kock, together with her sister Mariana Kock and Lucrecia Stamper. There will be a dance group dancing during the show, and afterwards there will be a group of elderly citizens celebrating the cultural party.

Besselink said, for those interested in participating in the Cultural Parade 2022 with the Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano, there is still chance to register for the group of adults. The children’s group, ages 4-11, is already full, although they are considering if it’s possible to take more children. Taking more children becomes difficult however because there needs to be more leaders to watch over the kids.

For the Cultural Parade 2022, Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano is going to be joined by the musical group Los Amicales. “We are well-organized, we are well-prepared, and we expect everyone to help make culture great. Join one of the groups, there is more groups where you can register; collaborate with us to make this a great parade that we can be proud of”, Besselink commented, calling on the local community.

Mr. Percy Jeandor, of Bernadina Foundation, commented that this festival is a beautiful event dedicated to the culture of Aruba. “Us from the Bernadina Foundation and Fundacion Pro Cultura Arubano are working hard in order to continue with this festival, to keep this parade alive”, he said.

Jeandor emphasized also that what is very important is that they want to attract more people, more Arubans, to support the culture of Aruba. He called on people who have knowledge or artifacts from antiquity, so they can bring it forward as it is always welcome. They can contact any of the foundations that are dedicated to maintaining the Aruban culture alive.