L.G. Smith Steak & Chop House: “It is All about the Right Mindset”

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#1 of 15 best steakhouses on TripAdvisor, #4 of 46 of fine dining on TripAdvisor in Aruba and #8 of fine dining in the Caribbean …. It all applies to L.G. Smith Steak & Chop House. There is more: the ONLY restaurant where you can indulge in AUTHENTIC Wagyu steak from the Kobe region in Japan. And to top it off; impeccable service in a setting where the classic school meets contemporary attitude. “It is all about the right mindset”, says Heidi Michiels, restaurant manager of L.G. Smith Steak & Chop House.

One wall in the restaurant carries an artsy face with: Attitude is Everything. Well, the staff of L.G. Smith Steak & Chop House chooses the right attitude. “We are honored by the recognitions on TripAdvisor, a reward after years of hard work and dedication and a goal set to become #1. And we did it, “says Heidi. What makes this steak & chop house stand out? According to the comments they receive from guests it’s the service in combination with the high quality food. “This is a team effort, without a successful team you cannot achieve this. We believe in consistency and passion for the job.” Unique detail is the Butcher Table; they bring their fine steaks and salt to your table to choose from. The restaurant itself has a city-like vibe and a styling where old school is respected while the new world is discovered. A DJ plays chill lounge music to complete the confident setting.

Miracle Meat Man.
The ‘miracle meat man’ behind the kitchen delights is executive chef Sebastian Cechet from Uruguay. “We invest in very high quality products, a good example is the Kobe beef which is authentic Wagyu from Japan, the ONLY one on the island. Not everybody knows what this is so let me explain. The Wagyu is a Japanese cow and there is a certain region in Japan where they raise this cattle to a certain standard, in this case the region is Kobe. There is also Wagyu raised in the U.S. and Australia, either is a full-bred Japanese cow or a cross- breed between Japanese and local cow, both are not authentic from Japan but still great meat.” Every Friday night the restaurant has its HaiKobe night, where you can enjoy the real thing against a price that gives great bang for the buck, says the chef. “Our supplier in the States informed us that in the U.S. one pays minimum $ 25 per ounce while our price is $ 15 per ounce, quite a difference.”

USDA-certified Angus Beef.
The restaurant offers several beef programs, among others the prime steaks; USDA-certified Angus Beef, and there are options for fish and seafood. The chef continues explaining the dry aged experience; how they give their steak its unique flavor. “Before our prime cuts make their way to your plate, we place them inside our dry-aging chamber for 30-60 days. This dry-aging process allows natural enzymes inside the steak to break down muscle tissue, tenderizing the texture and accentuating its flavor. Venture inside and taste one for yourself.” Naturally there is a broad wine menu with choices from all over the world and the most awesome Craft Cocktails, such as WATER, SMOKE, MIST & FIRE. Each cocktail is carefully crafted to perfection and incorporates fresh organic juices, local Aruban aloe; premium whiskey, bourbon, gin, port and cognac; and/or herbs such as lavender, sage and sweet bay leaf, among other ingredients. The unexpected presentation of each drink is what takes the cocktails to the next level, incorporating all the trends of modern mixology. “Cherry on the pie is our service, we make no concessions about that.” For both manager and chef, there is only one answer when we ask their favorite dish: “Wagyu from Japan! It is simply the best and a unique offering on this island.”