It’s mushroom season

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Mushrooms are the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, often linked to the autumn season. But here on tropical Aruba they are in abundance during our rainy season!

All around the island different mushroom species are popping up with all kinds of interesting shapes and colors. Mushrooms play a major role as decomposers and recyclers, including supplying the soil with nutrients for trees to grow strong and healthy. The National Park Arikok is the place to encounter different species of mushrooms this season.

About the park

Covering almost one fifth of the total land area of Aruba, the Parke Nacional Arikok includes the island’s highest hill, Mount Jamanota. Located on the island’s windward shore, the park gives access to the rough lava hills and limestone rock formations typical of this arid island. With its fragile dry cactus forest and extensive scrublands the park is home to over 50 species of native trees and is the last protected refuge for Aruba’s endemic rattlesnake, the Cascabel, and their irresistible burrowing owl, the Shoco. The park not only contains outstanding nature but also a rich cultural history. This includes a renovated farm area (cunucu) and early Arawak cave paintings, which were used as the inspiration for the park’s iconic logo. Source: Parke Nacional Arikok.