‘It’s like Family’

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Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: an oceanfront location on the white sandy Eagle Beach, the amazing blue-green colored Caribbean ocean, wonderful luxury oceanfront or poolside timesharing suites and a world of amenities like spa, casino, restaurant, pool and fitness. But the most precious they have to offer can only be experienced by staying with them: the family, the staff of Casa del Mar and the heart of the place. The personal service goes naturally and one of the best examples of pure dedication to her job is: Jessica Mei-Alders.

Jessica works 42 years for the company and is presently a Member Relations Coordinator. “I take care of the buyers that purchase a suite via our sales office or direct through an owner. We handle the membership procedure in the system, we arrange for them to get their ownership documents, handle the back and forward correspondence and keep close contact with them. I feel we are the meeting point between the resort and the members. We know what they want as before they buy they will contact us.” She loves her job and likes to accept challenges that make ‘her members’ happy. “I just love giving service. This is more to me than just a job.”

Unique Feeling

Many guests consider the resort and the island as their second home and most favorite place, explains Jessica. The email she received just before this interview proves this as an owner expressed high concern about how everyone is doing with the hurricanes going on. “There is a great connection between our members and the staff. With a lot of families we have the second or third generation staying with us, so I lived and live a lot of stages with the owners.” Jessica explains she even checked upon some Mexican owners if they are doing okay after the earthquake. “When you work with certain families for years already, you get attached.”

Like Family

The passion for her job is driven by the feeling that she is part of a family here. “The team, the colleagues, from bottom up there is a great connection and in my opinion this energy is felt by our guests.” Her favorite spot in the hotel is her desk with her PC as that is where she serves her members. But this has not always been her working place. “I started where I was a baby”, she jokes. “Seriously, I was fresh out of school, only 18 years old and started working in 1978 at the Aruba Beach Club, at that time part of Casa del Mar.” She started in reservations and at a certain point she was approached to enter the Membership department with Mister Frank Conway, the first membership director. “Our conference room is named after him.”

Perfect Day

Jessica’s perfect day at the resort, if she would be a guest, is indulging in all offered paradise ingredients: the beach, the pool, Matthew’s restaurant and enjoying the comfortable suite. “Two years from now I will be 62 but –if the resort allows me- will still be here doing what I love to do: serving members.”

Casa del Mar Beach Resort

Juan E. Irausquin Boulevard 51

Oranjestad, Aruba

T + 297 582 7000