International collaboration for a goal we have in common | Minister Ursell Arends of Aruba attends Ocean Conference 2022

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During this past week the Minister of Nature, Sr. Ursell Arends attended the United Nation’s Ocean Conference 2022.

During the week, the minister made use of the opportunity to meet with various different international representatives like national delegations of other countries and governmental organizations (NGO’s).

International collaboration is on the agenda. With this in mind, meetings were had with representatives from Curacao or The Netherlands to explore the possibilities of an “ocean monitoring program” in the Dutch kingdom in order to continuously measure the water quality. This is a point in which it’s particularly important to be informed at all times about the status and quality of water.

The Minister started the week highlighting the 3 goals that the delegation of Aruba has which are namely the introduction of “Rights of Nature” as a law, the introduction of a Marine Park around Aruba and the introduction of a local National Climate Resilience Council to align how Aruba will adapt to the challenges of the change of the climate. After a very successful week, the community and our visitors can have trust in the ongoing efforts to protect our nature both on land and under the sea.

Minister Ursell Arends thanked the delegation of Curacao for their beautiful gesture and representation at the Ocean Conference 2022 and wished everyone present success with their goals and projects with the recovery and salvation of the ocean. An ocean that we share with our sister Islands.