Dr. Oswald Wever with talk regarding Cultural and Genetic Heritage of Arubans

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With the goal of letting the voice of the Amerindians be heard, Dr. Oswald Wever carried out research on the culture and heritage of the Amerindian of the people of Aruba. In his book, “Cultural & Genetic Heritage of Arubans”, Dr. Wever proves the close bonds between Aruba and the Hispanic-Caribbean countries, particularly between Aruba and Paraguana.

Already in 2013, Dr. Wever carried out a genetic investigation on the heritage of the people of Aruba, called “Genetic Structure of the Aruban Population, three origins”, which proved that 54 percent of people of Aruba are of Amerindian heritage. Dr. Wever continued his investigation on the origins of the Aruban people and our customs, and the results were presented in the book that was launched. In the book, Dr. Wever proved the special relationship that Aruba has with Paraguana regarding the family ties, customs, food, music, etc. and this is related to the genetic Amerindian origins shared by our peoples.

Minister of Culture, Xiomara Maduro thanked Dr. Wever for carrying out the research on the origins of the people of Aruba. These investigations surely aroused curiosity and accentuate the necessity to investigate other aspects of our history. The voice of the Amerindian must continue being heard.